blocks-503109_1280Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.  – Psalm 127:3

La Core Christian Academy provides a positive preschool setting for families looking for both academic excellence and strong Christian values.

Building a Foundation for the Future

Our two, three and four year old students are exposed to an active, nurturing learning environment that prepares them for the academic challenges of the elementary school while also instilling in them a love of the Lord. Teacher-to-student ratios are kept low so children may enjoy Bible stories, music, arts & crafts, and play in a safe and caring atmosphere.

TODDLERS- (2 Year olds)

Our toddlers are a very active group of happy children. They are no longer babies yet not preschoolers.  Our day consist of active movement, dancing, teacher instructed art activity, math/science, outdoor play, and free play. Our toddlers, learn to separate from family with ease, develop good eating habits, bathroom skills, language skills, and academic awareness in a loving Christian environment.

Preschool (3-year-olds)

Preschool (3-year old) children are discovering the world, deepening their knowledge, testing their independence, and forming a love of learning. In La Core Christian Academy’s outstanding preschool program, we meet each child’s developmental and educational needs while nurturing cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth. Our curriculum is based on the belief that children have a great potential to learn at a young age. Teachers supplement individual activities with large group lessons focusing on character education, physical fitness, science and a variety of curricular themes.