kindergarten-206883_1280Kindergarten sets the groundwork for a lifetime of learning.

At the La Core Christian Academy, children advance quickly in our safe, wholesome, joyful and nurturing environment with a friendly approach to structure and discipline and an enthusiasm for learning which establishes a strong educational foundation.

Kindergarten students learn to read with phonics. Using this systematic approach to reading, the La Core Christian Academy has turned out strong readers since opening in 2008. Our phonics curriculum has been used in private schools and by home-schooling families nationwide.  Our small class size enables us to teach reading in small groups and one on one.  Each day the students read aloud with their teacher.  Students also have a group story time with their teacher and access to books in the classroom.  The key is constant practice and making reading fun.

Mathematical concepts begin with spatial and logical learning. Students learn to visualize numbers, count, begin factors, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students are also introduced to concepts such as counting money and telling time. We use an assortment of manipulatives for hands-on learning to help aid students, including counters, patterned blocks, interlocking cubes, play money and toy clocks to help illustrate concepts.

Science is also a hands-on subject in kindergarten.  Students study weather, nature and physical sciences.  Kindergarten students use the campus for many outdoor science projects.

History comes alive with stories and hands-on projects.  Kindergarten students study Colonial America and the founding fathers.

Students are introduced to the Old and New Testament through story-telling, and traditional Bible stories.

Art and music are integrated throughout the curriculum in reading, mathematics, science, history and Bible.